Wednesday 2 July 2014

Dig For Victory!

We discovered a water leak under the house the other week and after a bit of investigation the conclusion was a burst pipe under the games room - with its concrete floor... :-(

Fortunately the plumbers who came today didn't fancy digging up all that concrete to lay a new pipe so went under the floorboards of the original house and though SWMBO's beloved dining room's concrete floor.

This put something of a crimp in my painting and I found myself confined to the kitchen for most of the day with my laptop making regular cups of tea for the plumbers!

Unable to paint I decided to put my writing hat on and in a fit of enthusiasm wrote up the final three scenarios for the long overdue Belgian Land Ironlcads supplement. In fact I was so enthused I decided to expand the supplement to include Aeronef and Aquanef! I just to write up a few stats and we will be nearly good to go....


  1. Bravo! Always have a contingency plan(s) in place - good luck on the plumbing front, too;)

  2. I'm glad your plumbers were able to devise a way to keep digging at a minimum. Burst pipes such as this usually warrant digging up floors or tearing down walls, but it takes special skill to limit it to a small area and still get the job done. Good luck on this one, and I hope this leak has been patched up by now!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing