Saturday 4 January 2014

Cheap Modern/Near Future Wars Armour

You may have seen on Jim's Wargames Workbench that book remainder store The Works* were selling a "British Armoured Tank" kit that made a reasonable approximation of a Challenger II, albeit sporting some kind of railgun instead of a cannon... Whatever, it looked useful for 28mm scale moderns with a bit of work, or near future SF with a bit of imagination.

Intrigued I popped into the Bristol store this morning and after some rummaging around found not only the "British Armoured Tank" but also "American Armoured Tank" (and Attack Helicopter - an Apache, Special Force Helicopter a Black Hawk and Stealth Plane an F117). As they cost just £2.99 I bought one of each.

To call them basic is a bit of an understatement but they are reasonable approximations of the M1A1 and Challenger II, even if the latter will need a new gun and the former some filling under the gun mantel.

I'm considering painting them up form my stalled modern English Civil War project, adding some stowage, camo netting etc to disguise any obvious shortcomings.

* Edit: I've just noticed that Jim picked his model up at The Entertainer. I'm not sure why I read that as The Works yesterday going there today to find them. Weird...


  1. "British Armoured Tank" and they have a picture of a Leo II on the box. Sheesh! :)

    1. Maybe part of the "Kids Fun" mentioned on the box is figuring out why the tank inside doesn't look like the pictures. ;)

    2. The "instruction leaflet" is even funnier, how to stick the M1 together on one side, how to paint the Challenger on the other.

  2. saw some in a local shop b&m had a look i'll go back and pick a couple up now ive seen pics