Wednesday 15 January 2014

All For (BBC) One!

I started reading the Sedgemoor book today and am hugely enjoying it. There was a fascinating anecdote when looking at Churchill (Marlborough)'s military career when serving with Monmouth alongside the French, both English officers fighting alongside the historic Captain d'Artagnan of the King's Musketeers in one action...

The fictional d'Artagnan is back on our screens this weekend in a new ten part series on BBC One. Whilst it probably won't be as good as the wonderful 1973 film, it still  should be fun to watch...


  1. Looks good - slightly concerned it's a BBC production though... :-o

  2. I agree - looking good. Not sure I have any worries about it being a BBC production.

    I'll be watching it on Sunday.


    1. Not worried? All I will say is BBC, White Queen, Bosworth... ;-) Seriously trailer looks ok, even if uniforms are much dourer than what the musketeers actually wore...