Monday 22 April 2013

(WWII Month) G is for Grenadier-Gruppen!

I put the final touches to the remaining two Grenadier Gruppen (sections) last night, completing the core of the infantry core of the Grenadier-Zug (platoon). As with the 1st Grenadier-Gruppe, the figures are predominately Revell and Esci, with an odd Airfix figure.

II Grenadier-Gruppe:

III Grenadier-Gruppe:

The entire Grenadier-Zug with Zugtrupp:

Onto the vehicles now...


  1. Great set of figures what rules are you intending to use them with?

    1. Battlefield Evolution: World at War, though they could also be used for Bolt Action (and a host of other sets). This is an old school project! :-)