Monday 15 April 2013

Streets of the Dead?

West Wind posted through the PDF of Empire of the Dead last week and I've started reading it. With a lot of white metal to follow in the summer some thought has been turning to scenery. With that in mind I almost started openly drooling this morning when I came across Sarissa Precision's forthcoming Gaslamp Alley Victorian building scenery...

Interchangeable and stackable I can't imagine they will be cheap but they might prove irresistible. I still fancy the idea of a four foot square table built over a sewer system. This may be a flight of fancy and totally impractical but I can dream (I also have found some Victorian street lamps that have an LED fitting...).


  1. I know a guy that ordered some locally, they look nice. Took him back a pretty penny.

  2. If I had the money and storage space I would.... but back in the real world it is a different story. Maybe I need to find a rich woman!

  3. they look awesome, need storage space to :(