Saturday 13 April 2013

More Planes from Shapeways...

A nice big box turned up today from Shapeways containing some more planes. They are terribly addictive! :-)

I picked up some more Der Kampfflieger WWI planes in the form of an Albatros C.III, Aviatik DI Berg, Phonix DI and a Sopwith Baby. The Albatros will be painted up as an Ottoman Air Force plane, the Aviatik and Phonix will see service as Austro-Hungarian planes. The Baby was bought for no other reason than I like the design.

I have also started a small Chaco War collection using designs from Arctic Skunk, picking up a Curtiss Hawk, Curtiss Ospry, Fiat CR.20 and Potez 25. These models show a slightly different approach from Der Kampfflieger coming with pilots and observers/rear gunners moulded in. I was really surprised that the machine guns are cast and don't need adding.

Right, back to the Eastern Front...


  1. They look quite nice, I wonder how well they will take paint.

    1. Not had any problems with earlier models...

  2. Hi Steve,

    What scale are they? Very interested in the Chaco Wars kit - very handy as Irregular have just launched a 15mm range for the same.

    All the best,


    1. Mine are 1/144th but Arctic Skunk also do them in 1/100th...

  3. Steve:

    Cool to see that that Arctic Shunk Chaco planes are crewed. I just ordered some of the 1/144th ones (2x of each of the single seaters, and 1x each of the two seaters) a few days ago and waiting for them to show up. Thanks again for the heads up on them.

    Sapper Joe