Sunday, 3 March 2013

Zvezda Art of Tactic WW2 Releases

Following up on the new games from Zvezda I decided to investigate what they are planning to release for their WW2 Art of Tactic game in 2013. Some of this information has been available for a while (indeed products may just be hitting the shops), but some appears relatively new so I decided to lump it all together.

6147 - Soviet 120-mm Mortar with crew (1/72nd)
6150 - Polikarpov Po-2 (1/144th)
6152 - Soviet Medical Team (1/72nd)
6170 - British Bofors 40mm Mk.2 AA Gun (1/72nd)

6176 - Battle of the Danube game (this looks very interesting with 20mm Romanians and NKVD as well as unspecified scale trains, possibly one armoured, and riverine craft!)
6180 - German Elite Troops 1939-43 - that's Waffen SS to you and me (1/72nd)
6181 - Soviet Militia (1/72nd)
6182 - German AT Rifle (1/72nd)
6184 - Henschel Hs 126 (1/144th)
6185 - CB2 - a Tupolev SB looking at the photo (1/200th)
6186 - Junkers Ju88 (1/200th)
6189 - Soviet 37mm AA-Gun on ZIS-42 (1/100th)
6190 - German 20-mm FLAK 88 on Opel Blitz (1/100th)

6193 - Soviet Snipers (1/72nd)
6194 - German Snipers (1/72nd)
6197 - Soviet Infantry Winter Uniform (1/72nd)

6198 - German Infantry Winter Uniform (1/72nd)
6199 - Soviet Skiers (1/72nd)

6202 - KV-2 (1/100th)
6203 - T-35 (1/100th) - yes, you did read that right, a T-35 in 15mm!
6208 - Soviet 82mm Mortar with crew in winter uniform (1/72nd)
6209 - German 80mm Mortar with crew in winter uniform (1/72nd)
6210 - German machine-gun with crew in winter uniform (1/72nd)
6215 - Battle for Moscow game
6217 - British 25pdr Howitzer (1/72nd)
6218 - Fairey Battle (1/144th)
6219 - British Engineers (1/72nd)

6220 - Soviet machine-gun with crew in winter uniform (172nd)
6221 - Battle of Tanks game
6225 - Airfields game
6226 - British Reconnaissance Team (1/72nd)
6227 - Crusader IV (1/100th) - photo is of a Cruiser IV and there is no such things as a Crusader IV!
6228 - British Medical Team (1/72nd)
6229 - Daimler MkI (1/100th)
6230 - Bristol Blenheim (1/200th)

Some interesting stuff here and a number of the specialist 1/72nd sets will no doubt prove useful.


  1. Good 1/144th scale aircraft selection...makes me think of Eastern Front possibilities!

  2. Great news for all! (Especially the 20mm WW2 Gamer). Thanks for posting these, gets my gears up in my head going on where I could use these sets.


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  4. hi, how can I buy any one of these, any ideas please?