Wednesday, 6 March 2013

(Plane Month) 3D Printed Felixstowe F.2A

I must confess that "Plane Month" has started somewhat slowly and almost a week gone by with little to show for it. Part of the reason for this is my attempt to finish the batch of French Foreign Legionnaires I was painting at the end of last month, part due to 'Real Life' and part due to the fact I am going through a disorganised phase...

The later has caused a problem as I can't find my stash of Reviresco pilots and gunners to kit out this lovely 1/144th Felixstowe F.2A flying boat from Colinwe's store at Shapeways which is a bit of a bugger as it is a lovely looking model and unlike most drab and boring WW1 British paint jobs, the F2.A was painted in various colourful dazzle schemes which should prove fun to do. I really need to find the pilots and gunners to progress my WW1 efforts...

I've also started some work on a pre-painted Dornier Do.17 which needed a bit of tidying up but now needs a bit more following my sticking my finger to the wing plane with superglue (quite!). A little while back I picked up some (badly) painted plastic 1/144th Heinkel He. 111 and another Dornier which I have put on the workbench to tidy up before repainting (though I need to find suitable paints for the models).

It is worth noting that the Felixstowe is much larger than the He.111, it is that big. Good job it is in the lightweight plastic it is printed in!

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