Saturday, 23 February 2013

Zvezda Hot War Game

Modern gamers will be pleased to see that Zvezda are building on the success of their WW2 Art of Tactic game with a similar modern version called Hot War. As with the Art of Tactic game it appears the models will come in different scales the infantry being 1/72nd (20mm), AFV's 1/100th (15mm) and aircraft 1/144th. Not ideal but as with the WW2 releases they all prove useful for different games.

Typical of Zvezda information is hard to come by and illustrations even harder, but by some clever detective work(!) and changing the digits on URL I managed to discover the following hidden on the Zvezda website:

7400 - T-72 (1/100th)
7401 - BTR-80 (1/100th)
7403 - Mi-24 (1/144th)

7404 - Soviet Infantry (1/72nd)
7405 - M1A1 Abrams (1/100th)
7406 - M2 Bradley (1/100th)

7407 - American Infantry (1/72nd)
7408 - Apache (1/144th)
7410 - Hot War game

7411 - Soviet Machine Gun
7412 - Soviet PZRK Igla
7413 - Soviet PTRK Metis

7414 - American Machine Gun
7415 - American Dragon
7416 - American Stinger


  1. Amazing ! What is the release date ?

  2. Sign me up! I have already planned to purchase a ton of the T72, BTR, M1 Tanks, and M2 Bradleys. Love it!

  3. My FoF will get notably cheaper, and those infs look superb targets for some vignette/diorama purposes :P

  4. I'll be up for some BTR wotsits for AK47...

  5. wow my cold war gone hot FoW projekt maybe can get actual:D


    Some sneak peeks into painted ones. Im kinda dissapointed to that M1A1.

  7. These are going to be very popular to the guys on my Blog...