Friday, 1 February 2013

February is... French Foreign Legion Month!

I was planning to make February WWII month but it looks like I may be extra busy on the work front so I have decided to focus on painting up a few things French Foreign Legion related instead.

First off there is my Maximilian Affair miniatures that have languished unpainted for far too long now. Given the success I had in painting over the soft tone dip with my sample legionnaire I am hopeful I can paint up both the French and Mexican sides within the month.

If that goes well I will endeavour to finish off the remaining legionnaires for the Redcoats on Mars project, AND if that goes well I have a stretch target in the form of some WW2 legionnaires suitable for the Vichy Armée du Levant.

 So as they say in the Legion, "marche ou crève!"


  1. Sounds good, I've always wondered about this range at Foundry, I should look it up really