Saturday 30 May 2015

UK Games Expo: The Great War

I went to the UK Games Expo at the NEC today. I wasn't planning to, I was only going to meet someone but when that got bumped back a few hours I found myself wandering around a large hotel rammed full of gamers.

I say gamers, not wargamers as it was, by and large, a totally different audience from what you get at Salute or Colours. There were a few wargames companies in attendance, but by and large it was a show devoted to board and card games, the scope of which was quite daunting.

There were some good miniatures games on show and I will dig through the photos I took on my Blackberry in the poor hotel lighting(!) tomorrow, but I will post these of PSC's The Great War boxed game, my Kickstarter copy I picked up at the show...

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