Tuesday 26 May 2015

Normandy Firefight: Kohima British Infantry III

Boggler kindly pointed out that the 1/32nd Australians were going for just £2.49 on the Airfix website, so I popped over and bought a box of them, the Gurkhas and 8th Army, all retailing at the same price.

The plastic they are moulded in is really interesting as it is not the old soft polythene, but is harder, fileable and easy to trim. I thought I would see how easy it was to convert and had a crack at one of the kneeling 8th Army figures to see if he could help fill out the Kohima British unit.

I'm pretty pleased with how he is coming along...

I have also started on one of the Australian figures, replacing his bush hat with a helmet. The Aussies are wearing gaiters instead of ankle puttees so this will require some work, but overall I am pleased with how both are looking at this point.


  1. That's some nice work with the greenstuff.

  2. That works really well!

    The new plastic material they are now made of is supposedly paintable too without any preparation other than a rinse in some soapy water.

    ...that's the story anyway!