Sunday 17 May 2015

Normandy Firefight: Kohima British Infantry II

Here is soldier no. 2 in standing and kneeling positions. As Boggler pointed out the re-issued Multipose boxes only have six figures, and of that only one is kneeling and one is prone, so this requires a bit of surgery to get a second kneeling and prone figure out of the box.

Luckily, I picked up some twelve figure sets released a way back by Airfix off eBay, so I should have enough figures for the half-section, I may also look at the legs in the Afrika Korps sets as I have quite a few of them and should have enough spare.

The keeling figure here is posed just pushing himself up, I think it looks ok. Now I need to add rifle straps, other equipment and work on the prone figures.


  1. Now that's ingenious!

    Good idea...I'll have to try this too. :O)

  2. You might also be interested in this:

    They sell the kits on Brittany Ferries believe it or not!

    I'm off to France in the Summer so could get one for you if you like?

    I think they're about a tenner?

    It would make a good feature for a scenario i.e. rescue the tank crew, clear the mines etc.

    1. I'm pretty certain I have a (very) old 1/32nd Airfix M3 Lee somewhere. However if I can't find it I will be back! :-)

  3. Steve,

    Airfx have a big discount on their 'soft' plastic Anzacs Ghurkhas and 8th Army in their webshop:

    Might be handy for conversions, especially the slouch hats??

    1. Now £33 lighter in the pocket! Thanks for the heads up! :-)