Thursday 21 May 2015


I watched the first part of the Danish drama 1864, about the Second Schleswig War last night. This episode was set just after the First Schleswig War but it boded well for the series and the juxtaposition with a present day storyline referencing the Danish contribution in Afghanistan was interesting. Watching part two on iPlayer tonight.


  1. I watched the first part and really enjoyed it. My wife said it was too hard work to follow, so I must find time to watch the second part on my own at some point. I love that they got the Prussians speaking German too. I did not clock that immediately because I was too busy giggling at how Danish sounds like Norwegian spoken by a drunk. Now, where did I put those 10mm Danes for 1864? A friend who is into Nordic noir more than I am said that this cartoon is an accurate representation of the British viewing experience:

  2. Damn....missed it!! iplayer for me!