Tuesday 19 May 2015

Panzerfäuste: Gnome Concept Artwork

Had great "fun" today adding foil slings to the Kohima riflemen (and my fingers, don't you love super glue?) and thanks to Boggler spent over thirty quid in the Airfix store where the 1/32nd Australian, Gurkha and 8th Army figures are heavily discounted - £2.49 down from £7.99 :-)

In that purchase I also picked up the venerable old 1/72nd Pontoon Bridge (also reduced) which I want to use in Panzerfäuste, the size being perfect for the French inspired Gnomes...


  1. I don't think I'm going to worry to much about getting charged by the Chasseur

    1. It IS a Gnomish racing snail you know...

  2. I love the concepts and I'm intrigued by the game.

    Just a remark, if I can: I perfectly understand that the "Chasseur à escargot" take his name directly from the "chasseurs à cheval" but, sadly, the name doesn't sound right in French.
    It should be something like "Chasseur sur Escargot" or "Chasseur monté".
    If you really want to keep it the way it is, then it should be "Chasseur-à-escargot". But again, the way it sound in French is that the guy is "hunting snails" and not "an hunter riding a snail".

    Also you need to invert the "e" and "u" in the adjective "Voltigeur".

    One more I realized: It should be "Gnome Fantassin de la Marine" as "Infanterie" is the branch and "Fantassin" the soldier.
    "Infanterie de Marine" is a really modern terminology. Until recently it was "Infanterie de la Marine" .

    Hope I help you a little bit on theses names :D

    1. Thanks. We had spotted Voltigeur (it is spelt correctly elsewhere), I shall make sure the others are corrected.