Saturday 16 May 2015

Normandy Firefight: Kohima British Infantry I

It's a little while since I dug out the Airfix Multipose 8th Army and British Infantry sets to mix and match and make some British Infantry to use in a Kohima Normandy Firefight variant, however today I sat down with the heads, torsos and legs I stuck together to make some more progress.

I've done a fair bit of research on what the British infantry in Burma looked like and these photos shows quite nicely the look I want to try and recreate.

Normandy Firefight recommends standing, kneeling and prone figures for each character, which is an interesting challenge. Today, I made some progress on Tommy number one, completing a chunk f the work, including scratchbuilding ammo bandoliers on the standing and kneeling versions of the first character.

These are work in progress photos but show the standing figure...

And the kneeling one...


  1. I was thinking of using the re-released multipose figures for this, which I loved when I was a kid, but had second thoughts dut to the fact that you can only make one full three pose trio of figures per box.

    It makes it a bit expensive, especially when compared to 1/35th scale.

    However, you could use some of the not-bendy any more plastic figures as a basis for conversions, so it isn't impossible to put together a half section or so?

  2. Looks very good
    Eager to see the final results

  3. Looking great. Nice idea to follow actual pics.