Sunday 10 May 2015

Frostgrave "Nickstarter" Begins...

North Star have started their "Nickstarter" pre-order offer for Osprey's forthcoming fantasy skirmish rules Frostgrave. I'm pretty excited by the game, but am not sure whether to order more than the rulebook as I have plenty of generic fantasy miniatures hiding on Lead Mountain. They are quite nice though...


  1. I know what you mean about the figures. I am torn between just buying the rules and using what I have, or scraping up the cash to buy a Frostgrave set. Then the choice is whether to just buy wizards and apprentices or the supporting cast. I definitely have enough figures to put together a group of soldiers but the description of the box makes it sound awfully appealing.

  2. Me too... I have hundreds of fantasy models already... Probably don't need the rules either, but I'll probably buy them anyway...

  3. You could grab the rules off me now, and get the free treasure tokens. You can come back to the figures later when they are on general release in July.