Sunday 1 March 2015

The Cursed Soldiers

Last year I posted about the Invisible Front, the documentary about Lithuanian resistance to Soviet occupation after 1945. On a similar theme, today is The National Day of Remembrance of the Cursed Soldiers, in Poland.

The Cursed Soldiers fought against the Soviet NKVD and Polish Communist Urząd Bezpieczeństwa (UB - security services) in a bloody war that claimed thousands of lives, yet for decades has remained untold. One of the most notable actions took place on the last day of WW2 with Polish anti-communist forces defeating the Soviet NKVD at the Battle of Kuryłówka.

As with the Lithuanian and Ukrainian anti-Soviet resistance battles after WW2, gaming possibilities would be fairly simple using Easter Front partisans of Polish Home Army figures against Soviet troops rather than German ones but certainly a little more interesting given the largely unheard of subject matter.


  1. Fascinating subject- wish there were more English language sources out there....



  2. Thank you for sharing this. Was at the club yesterday and was running a WWI game set in the Middle East. Someone said that he was not sure why WWI is gamed as it was such a waste. As I was running the game I had to ask what war was not a waste, his response was WWII a "good war". I told him I did not think it was so good as my people lost to both sides. Another gamer smiled and said you must be Polish and I smiled back.