Saturday 28 February 2015

Weathering Spray Advice?

Always on the look out for ways to improve my painting speed I came across some cans of Weathering Spray from the Plastic Soldier Company yesterday and intrigued I bought a can of Dirt Brown.

Having now read the instructions it is not quite what I thought and appears to be some kind of wash in a can. Apparently you basecoat the model, spray the  Weathering Spray over and then with a damp cloth wipe off the excess. The end result is rumoured to be decent enough and the process pdq.

Before I attack something with it I was wondering if anyone has tried it and had any advice? If not an innocent Sherman tank may be "getting it" tomorrow...


  1. Works well on tanks... do it! Do it! I've been tempted by this myself but not dared... :) Interested to see how it goes :)

  2. I had a brief conversation with FLGS owner, who thought it was good for vehicles but wouldn't use it on figures. Model Dad's blog has a video review. I'm looking forwards to hearing/ seeing your results.

  3. If this is the same as the modelmates stuff, it is great, but can really mess with acrylics. Give it a go on something you aren't bothered about!
    I find the oil is better than the dirt. There's no better way to do dirt than the traditional load up a brush with a mud mix and spray air through the brush and onto the tank. Really realistic splatters.

    Anyway, have fun, it's an easy and quick fix, which I know you like with modelling!