Wednesday 4 February 2015

Mars Attacks: Hardback Compendium Lands

It's been a long day today starting with a series of meetings in Paris and just making it back home to see Liverpool score the winner in added time at Bolton! An additional pleasant surprise was a padded envelope from Mantic containing the Mars Attacks Miniatures Game hardback compendium.

I hadn't realised I was getting this but having had a quick flick through I am glad to have it, it is a really nice looking product. I'll have a proper look at it tomorrow, off now to see if the Chinese is still open...


  1. This looks great; I only wish Mantic had given their minis a 60s flavour and not the ultra-modern one they opted for.

    1. To be fair to them, that is because the current TOPPS cards and IDW comics are set now and the US soldiers are illustrated in Fritz helmets.