Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Victory in the Pacific?

Well, the Confederates are 90% complete... I just need to drybrush the bases, add some flock and add the flags to the standard bearers when they turn up. They're not looking too bad so I have started the block painting on the first Union regiment. Hopefully they won't take as long...

Playing the Imperial Japanese Navy in Pacific Fleet reminded me that many moons ago I flirted with the idea of playing some WW2 Pacific naval battles and inspired by an article in Miniature Wargames(?) I bought a load of Skywave 1/700th planes with the idea of basing them  about 3 to 4 inches high and using a false perspective effect with 1/3000th ships below.

I think the idea was stillborn after attempting to paint some 1/3000th Soviet Moderns for Harpoon (I know...) but struggling with the deck markings. Presumably someone does decals for 1/3000th aircraft carriers in this day and age so maybe this experience should not put me off.

I might dig out Victory at Sea if I can find my copy and see if the bug strikes again. I must confess to having a preference for the Pacific (the Med coming in a close second), though historically desire to use battleships is pretty moot given the dominance of the carrier in daytime battles.

Something to ponder whilst painting the boys in blue tomorrow...

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