Sunday 15 March 2015

Back to the Future?

Today I was extremely productive! Thirty 20mm Romanian infantry are now painted and awaiting a coat of dip, along with a regiment of 28mm ACW Union infantry also waiting some dip. Unfortunately a business trip "oop norf" this week will curtail any further work until Friday, so the hobby will be restricted to reading, playing in the iPad and perusing the online wares of various wargames retailers...

6mm SF scenery from Angel Barracks (photo from their site)
One of these who will probably be getting an order pretty is soon is Angel Barracks. I saw their 6mm SF scenery "in the flesh" at Reveille last year and have been meaning to order some items up for my Iron Cow collection. The old grey cells got a kick today by their release of a force field fence that looks wonderful, I also like the solar panels. Just a case of working out an affordable order now...

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