Saturday 14 March 2015

WW3: Flames of (Cold) War

Last summer I started painting up some WarPac miniatures to use with the unofficial Cold War Flames of War supplement. I haven't progressed much past the East Germans I started and some British armour that has been undercoated but things will be about to change later this year due to the announcement by Battlefront that they will be launching Flames of War into a new period in October with Fulda Gap...

This is what they posted "October sees us diving into a brand new period as we release Fulda Gap. The period of the modern war when tensions between NATO and the Warsaw Pact were running high is a wonderful theatre to develop as the forces arrayed on both sides boast some of the coolest-looking equipment in history. And with the advances in technology, we are looking forward to seeing forces of M1-Abrams covered by A10-Thunderbolts pitting their might against the swathes of T-72s and BMP-mounted infantry. We plan for this to be a complete period with books covering nations and plastic sets for all the main vehicles of every nation. October is just the start and 2016 will have more books and additional miniatures."

As with my Yom Kippur project (which I shall be returning to soon) I don't fancy doing this in 15mm but having piles of GHQ micro-armour already in Lead Mountain (and some now painted), Autumn should see a more dedicated return to the Central Front of 1983, finishing my East Germans, BAOR and starting a few other armies I've always fancied (MERDC camo in 6mm should be fun!)


  1. Nice; not a FoW fan, but the arrival of a new source of Cold War forces is good news.

  2. While not using the FoW rules, I AM looking forward to their comprehensive approach to figure ranges.