Thursday 26 March 2015

Battlefield Evolution: Romanian Infantry IV

These are the final figures from the first batch of HaT WW2 Romanians - a sniper team. The HaT box contains lots of useful platoon support types including hmg teams, mortars, flamethrowers and a sniper figure.

I've not made my mind up as to what to do about his spotter. I painted up one of the mortar team to see how that looked (swapping the head with one of the infantry NCO's) and a kneeling firing infantryman to see which looks best. Not quite sure which...

Painting Target: 73/1000


  1. These look excellent! Hat are very good figures to paint and 20mm looks so effective....well done with these

  2. These are good. There is a lot of scope these days to do Germans allies on the Eastern Front.