Wednesday 4 December 2013

(Victorian Month) Clockwork Robot

Continuing Victorian Month I have now painted up this Clockwork Robot I picked up last year. At 50mm tall, it is certainly quite imposing amongst regular 28mm high miniatures.

The model is one of Reaper's Chronoscope range (50063 Jeeves, Clockwork Robot) and is a wonderfully detailed model which with a bit of care can be bent into a number of poses.

Painting was straightforward, black undercoat, drybrush with some old GW Tin Bitz, then a lighter drybrush with Vallejo Oily Steel. Eyes dotted in with some red. Simple but effective.


  1. I can almost hear this "Clanking" down the foggy cobblestone streets.

  2. Love it - it reminds me of the 'peelerbot' policemen in Pax Brittannia :-)