Wednesday 18 December 2013

Off to Donnybrook?

It was a bit too gloomy to do any painting today so I sat down with a cup of coffee and the latest copy of Wargames Illustrated. Amongst the tanks was an interesting article of a forthcoming set of skirmish rules for the period 1660-1760 called Donnybrook, not a period that normally captures the mind, but one I have had a passing interest in due to driving many times across the Somerset Levels through Sedgemoor.

The main reason I haven't dabbled in the period previously is the need to have lots of miniatures, but Donnybrook is an interesting looking set in that you only need to have 20 to 40 figures a side not the usual 200 plus. The WI article contains lots of details on the rules which are propelled by a random card turn sequence (a mechanism I particularly like and have included in the first draft of Darke Lands) and you get to use various dice types (D6, D8, D10 etc). I must say I am quite intrigued.

Of course as well as Sedgemoor, the first three or four decades see the English Army in Tangiers, fighting in the War of the Grand Alliance and the basic uniforms are such that many units can be used as regiments from other countries armies (eg. English Guards can be used in French, Dutch and Jacobite armies). Irregular troops can be used as mercenaries, rebels or bandits...

The release of Donnybrook is imminent and as soon as pre-order details are available I will buy a copy as even if I don't use them for their specified period, the core system is based on a Colonial game and should work for most pre-vehicle periods.


  1. Hi Steve. I read the article and was attracted to the rules too - i want something to go with my collection of Foundry Pirates and they might do the trick,
    Have a good christmas