Friday 27 December 2013

Thai Your Models Down?

So just why was I buying Vickers 6-ton tanks yesterday? Well I have got bitten by the "really obscure bug" again, the Franco-Thai War of 1940-41. A short sideshow in WWII I have been fascinated by the posts of the A Few Rounds More Blog concerning wargaming the conflict and with Elhiem doing their annual festive post free offer I have weakened.

The primary driver is the lovely Tropical French figures Matt has sculpted which I found looking for suitable Vichy North African types, but the AFRM blog started me off researching the Thai army which is much more useful than I first thought.

Elhiem Colonial French
As well as the French in Indo-China, the Thai army also fought for and against the Japanese, as well as against the Chinese and British Imperial forces. With plans in place in 20mm for the China-Burma-India front, the addition of an Adrian helmeted alternative to the Japanese in some games seems fun.

Elhiem Thai infantry
So I am ordering some infantry and tanks for both the Vichy French (who also fought the Japanese and could in theory be used in the Levant and Madagascar) and the Thais, to raise reinforced platoons for both. The plan is still to use Battlefield Evolution in 20mm, but depending on how that works with such early equipment, Bolt Action may get used.


  1. Very interesting...I'm sure I've seen a web site on this somewhere or other?

  2. This is intriguing stuff, please keep us posted!