Sunday 8 December 2013

A Desperate Venture...

I have been pondering what to use the Warlord WW2 sprues I picked up in their sale recently and have decided to use the US and German troops for an Operation Torch and beyond project. I have always had a fascination with the Tunisian Campaign and reading the Last War Against The French piqued my interest in the invasion of Algeria and French Morocco.

So this morning has largely comprised of surfing the internet and buying a small library of books from Amazon. I already have some on Tunisia but have decided to fill in the blanks regarding Operation Torch itself.

I'm not planning to get down to this until sometime next year and I would like to source some 28mm French troops but I am looking forward to snipping the bits of plastic off the sprues and slapping some paint on.


  1. Lokking forward to some North African action. I also hit the sprue sale but I went for Soviets to round out an early war force.


  2. Very much looking forward to this. US in North Africa is my favorite period of the war. Nice to see other modellers do it too.