Friday 2 August 2013

Stripping! (and Gnashional Gromit)

Calm down boys, I'm talking about paint stripping!

Having painted the old Fantasy Tribe Gnolls I decided that I want to keep the project ticking over and my beady eyes alighted on the remaining three units I painted back in the Eighties including some lovely Fantasy Tribe Orcs. Whilst half of the Goblin Wolf Riders I painted a while back were painted to a similar standard (including gloss varnish) and I just black undercoated and painted as normal, given these have a lot of chain mail detail I decided to try and strip the paint off.

Previously I had used brake fluid (I know, I'm a bad boy and killing the planet) but given its toxic properties I decided to try a different product. Having read Big Lee's Guide a while back I decide to try Dettol but having immersed the figures in the stuff I came across The Angry Lurker's post on Dettol and am now considering buying a hazmat suit!

If this doesn't work I think I'll try Fairy Power Spray, the video I found on You Tube below certainly makes it seem worth checking out (and apparently it doesn't smell!), assuming it is still available...

Gromit of the Day:

Gnashional Gromit


  1. Hi there, I wrote a big comment for Andy Slack about stripping minis you might be interested in reading here

  2. I have had good luck with Pine-Sol a floor cleaner sold in the states. However I am not sure how eco-friendly it is. I am not sure paint stripping in general is eco-friendly.