Monday 12 August 2013

Contagious Ohhshinyitis Alert!!! (and The Green Gromit)

The Explorer
Halfling Cook
Unfortunately I have to report that a very bad case of Ohhshinyitis has been caught here in Blease Towers which may be contagious.

The cause of the affliction appears to be that I am falling hook, line and sinker for the exquisite miniatures being shown off in the ArcWorlde Kickstarter.

What is ArcWorlde you ask?

ArcWorlde is a new fantasy skirmish game from Warploque Miniatures, what sets it apart from the competition is the unusual background and the miniatures sculpted by the insanely talented Alex Huntley who is just 20!

The Old Man of the Sea
Miniatures are often described as full of character, well if that is so these are have character bursting out of them! They are just bloody amazing (are we sure this guy is only 20?!).

Not only are they incredibly well sculpted and full of exquisite detail, but the concepts are amazingly cool as well (Bayourks? Death Kiwi?!! Brilliant...)

I know I said I was not starting anything new and that I have plenty of white metal to keep me going in this life and the next but Lord knows this one is proving very, very hard to resist.

I've lifted a pile of photos from the ArcWorlde Kickstarter page for you to see what I am blathering on about. I think they show I am not exaggerating...

Bull River Troll
Death Kiwi
Fire Dragon Ancient
Gromit of the Day:

The Green Gromit

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