Monday 5 August 2013

Mountain Orcs (and Gromit Lightyear)

I know, funny looking aeroplanes... Bored with the prep work on my Shapeways stuff my eyes alighted on these couple of old Alternative Armies Mountain Orcs I have had sitting around since the mid-nineties. Still having a painting vibe on I decided to paint them up during breaks from sticking pilots in planes.

They are nice big models that needed mounting on 40mm square bases and being sculpted by Kev Adams fit nicely in with my other miniatures.

Background wise I have come up with some fluff about them being the mongrel offspring of trolls and orcs in the Norscan Mountains (it gets cold up north...) and I just have to stat them up for the WHFB2 project.

Gromit of the Day:

Gromit Lightyear

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  1. Very good painting work on the orcs !
    I love the "Gromit Picture of the day" !!