Thursday 20 June 2013

Mystery Project Identified!

Well Boggler was quick off the mark yesterday identifying the mystery project to the the long overdue PDF edition of Tusk II: Wrath of Kong. Jim will, when it is finished, get a copy of the PDF free.

So what does Tusk II: Wrath of Kong add to the basic game of Tusk?

For Stone Age gamers it adds shamans, stockades and dependants, pterodactyls, "tame" dinosaurs, beast v beast combat, human v human combat, domestic animals, raptors, giant wolves and triceratops.

It also expands the game through history beyond the short VSF section in the basic game including rules for primitive firearms, rifle grenades, flare pistols, gas bombs, light machine guns, artillery, swordsmen, halberdiers, pike blocks, cavalry, aeroplanes and trained beasts.

Finally there are four scenarios, the unpainted scenario pack contents of which I have photographed (sans the dinosaurs which were painted for the original game).

Bonny and Rex - Napoleon's dinosaurs attack the British at Waterloo...

Where Pterodactyls Dare - First World War action in Maple White Land...

Capture King Kong - Carl Denham uses beauty to capture the beast...

The fourth scenario is New World Nightmare (the photo from yesterday) with Conquistadors and their prisoners being attacked by the exotic local fauna.

Overall it adds a lot to the basic game and expands it in a multitude of directions. I need to paint all of the above but it would be good to get it out this autumn along with a couple of other projects.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!
    Love your King Kong :)

  2. Ive been searching for Tusk II rules on Wargames Vault and all over the internet and cant find it. Do u have it? Im dying to play with the new rules of Kong and Pterodactyls!