Sunday 30 June 2013

Fantasy Adventures on Lead Mountain

Yesterday I finished off a couple of fantasy miniatures that have been sat on the workbench for far too long, an old Citadel (CO1?) fighter with plastic shield (yuk) and an Ogre (that maybe Ral Partha sculpted by Bob Olley).

I have a number of generic fantasy fighters purchased in the mid to late eighties hiding in Lead Mountain which I have decided I will paint up as a human mercenary unit, the only linking theme being a black and red shield colours. The unit comprises of two fighters now(!) but I did find a carrier bag full of fantasy odds and sods yesterday that included some more fighters from the time, as well as lots of other old stuff. I need to make my mind up about a lot of this stuff, whether to find a use and paint it or sell it, it serves no purposes living in a carrier bag for nearly thirty years.

I can't recall who produced the Ogre (Ral Partha? Grenadier?) but it is nice enough and was a bit of fun to paint. He is fairly generic and will be useful for a range of games.

Back to the Saxons...

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  1. Nice painting. You managed to bring old school miniatures into the modern era with your technique. Looking forward to what you have planned to add to the mercenary unit.