Thursday 6 June 2013

Blue Dragon

I'm not sure why but girls like dragons (well they did, I think they like shiny vampires now). SWMBO is a girl that likes dragons (and shiny vampires) and on occasion diverted me from painting tanks and other green things with demands for painted dragons.

This old Alternative Armies dragon is one such "commission" (paint me a dragon if you want dinner type commission). Unfortunately I believe it is now out of production.

With my Reaper Bones Kickstarter box containing a number of dragons I may soon be painting for food once more!


  1. Nice dragon. What was the food like?

  2. I concur; A very nice Dragon.


  3. You should up the stakes and paint dragons for "favors". I'm pretty sure that's what knights get, and knights fight dragons. So, dragons and "favors" go together.