Tuesday 4 June 2013

Fantasy Peel Tower

Bit of a blast from the past today, an old Snapdragon Studios Peel Tower that I painted many moons ago and the wife had hidden in the dresser as an ornament! :-)

The model is 10mm scale so perfect for Warmaster and similar games. It can, at a push, work for 15mm as well.

Unfortunately I don't think it is commercially available any more, which is a shame as it is a lovely quirky little model. I have a pile of painted Snapdrgaon models hidden away somewhere, I'll have to see if I can dig them out.


  1. Nice bit of terrain. I assume it's a resin piece?

    1. Yes, nice and solid too.

    2. Nice, thanks for that. Solid resin models may be expensive but they can be very good quality like this.

  2. I want one - nay, I need one! Nice tower.
    All the best,

  3. I think you can still get some "Snap Dragon" castings still. I think the moulds were sold. IIRC "Moondragon" is the owner now but I would have to check to make sure.

    Nicely painted and a good piece of nostalgia. I remember the bushes so well.

  4. Hi Steve,

    Nice model and as you said - a blast from the past.

    I think Snapdragon/Moondragon resin models are some of the most charismatic fantasy terrain pieces ever.

    I am sorry that I do not own any, but their quirky style and beautifully sculpted detail has been an inspiration to me.

    Thanks for posting.


  5. Very nice looking tower!