Wednesday 8 April 2015

Warhammer: Dwarf Mountaineers

Dwarf Mountaineer - yours for £97!
Typical wargamer, my thoughts turn to 6mm WW2 so that naturally today sees me start painting some Warhammer Dwarves! :-)

I have had a unit of old Citadel plastics that I converted into a unit of Rangers a few years back, a number wearing Davy Crockett style fur hats.

Additionally I have a couple of Dwarves rounding bears I converted out of Citadel plastics and some plastic bears I picked up from a fantasy wargame a while back (I can't remember the name of the game but IIRC the bears had Romans riding them).

The Rangers put me in mind of an old article for Dwarf Mountaineers in an ancient White Dwarf (scan below), they'd make an interesting unit to convert, especially the ski troops. Certainly a better option than the £97 being asked for the one miniature Citadel produced back in the day on eBay!


  1. I have one of those figures - which I purchased "back in the day". I find it mind-boggling that something I paid less than $5 in my lifetime can be worth so much...

  2. let me rephrase that... I find it mind-boggling that people are asking such ridiculous sums for something I paid less than $5 in my lifetime... I certainly don't think they're "worth" that much. I can't imagine that they actually SELL them for that much!? Is there really anyone that would pay that!?