Thursday 23 April 2015

Tolkien Retail Therapy

It may be the painkillers talking (!) but the Trolls I painted the other week have rekindled my desire to do something Tolkien inspired. To this end I have engaged in a little retail therapy and picked up a box of forty Gripping Beast Arab Spearman to paint up as Haradrim...

I am erring towards using WHFB2 for some games, I never was that keen on the look of the "Strategy Game" basing and I have piles of Moria goblins sat around that should make a large horde army doable, if I can work out a quick way to paint them...


  1. Excellent idea about the Haradrim! I wonder how many people will do this? Good luck I would like to see these painted

  2. They are very tempting aren't they???