Monday 13 April 2015

Fur and Freedom!!!

Many years ago I fell in love with Brian Jacques Redwall books. I would like to say I bought these for Saul when he was younger but actually they were SWMBO's! :-) Published for kids, I found them hugely enjoyable, well written and not without a few lump in the throat moments was popular characters get killed off (Jacques is pretty brutal). What struck me at the time was how they would make for a superb fantasy wargame setting...

I'm not sure why it's taken so long for someone to pick up on the idea, but now Oathsworn Miniatures have and they have an (already funded) Kickstarter running called Burrows and Badgers. The miniatures are pure Redwall and I am seriously tempted.


  1. I've backed a couple of Oathsworn's Kickstarters in the past and would recommend them. You get regular, informative updates and they deliver bang on time. On top of that, they're really nice people to deal with!

  2. Splintered Light have done suitable furry animals in 15/20mm for a while now. And I made my own 15mm Redwall HOTT armies back in 2001.Cluny's Horde was relatively easy as anthropomorphic rats are standard fantasy fare these days thanks to GW, but the Redwall army took a bit of knife and milliput work.

    I guess I need to feature them on my blog - old-school, pre-kickstarter Redwall :)