Tuesday 7 April 2015

The Joy of Six...

Playing the Kursk supplement for Battle Academy has rekindled my desire to return to 6mm WW2 gaming. My first real experiences in wargaming as a teen were in 6mm and the Kursk games have a definite 6mm feel to them. The question is which campaign?

My teens were spent in North West Europe post D-Day, but the Russian Front is proving great fun and the mix of equipment for 1943' as well as the rough balance in each sides abilities is making it very attractive...


  1. Why not try something different? The early period in the Western desert is one of my favourites for back and forth seat of your pants gaming!

  2. We did a month of Spearhead with no Germans in 6mm. Italians vs British, Italians and Romanians vs Russians, British vs Japanese in Malaya. All cracking battles and very close each time.