Saturday 25 October 2014

War Never Ends Quietly...

I went to see Fury today. Unless you have been living on Mars for the last year, you will know this is Brad Pitt's latest film based on the experiences of an M4A3E8 crew in the last month of the war, the geek factor enhanced by the use of Bovington's Tiger I in the movie.

Overall I really enjoyed it. The grubby campaign look of the Americans and Germans was excellent, the "gypsy caravan" look of late war American vehicles well recreated. The story is, well a bit Hollywood, but we don't go to the cinema for documentaries, we go for heroic stories.

If you take the storyline with a pinch of salt, most wargamers will find this an enjoyable film, the battle scenes are generally well done, the vehicles and uniforms accurate and it has a real-life Tiger in it!


  1. Looking forward to seeing this film. That's the kind of review I like Steve.

  2. It does look good from what little I've seen.

  3. Needless to say, the Good Lady Wife has elected to stay at home when I go to see this at the cinema...

  4. Take out Honor and glory. None of that in the movie. Just WAR

  5. I have still to see this film, but look forward to getting out and seeing it very soon.