Friday 3 October 2014

Orctober: Orc Poleaxe Regiment II

I'm feeling really sorry for myself at the moment. I've done something to my neck and cannot move my head or shoulders without being in pain (you'd be surprised how often you forget this and turn your head!). I've been told to take ibuprofen to ease the swelling and rest for 48 hours which means I can't get to Blast-tastic, which I am absolutely gutted about.

Propped in an armchair (with TV remote and laptop to hand) I decided to attempt a bit more work for Orctober, after all, how hard could it be to stick plastic orcs together without moving your head or shoulders?! Anyway in my decrepit state I managed to make up the remaining twelve Mantic orcs with poleaxes and even line them up without too much swearing! I also made a movement tray which helped with the latter.

The models are nicely detailed but not really thought out too well from a wargaming as lining up the unit is tricky with all the overhanging arms and weapons. There is also one glaring error on one of the left arms with the fingers having been sculpted horizontally not vertically. The painted unit on the box does not show this clearly but it is easily corrected with a sharp knife.

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