Saturday 18 October 2014

To Stalingrad (via You Tube)

There has been a really bizarre couple of threads on the Bolt Action Facebook page about flamethrowers in the game centring on their impact in the game. They are far too powerful and used in an unhistorical fashion by many gamers, notably those entering the game from a 40K background (a point I noted that flamethrowers in Bolt Action seem more like 40K Flamers than WW2 flamethrowers).

Anyhow, this led me to wondering how other similar WW2 games handled them, with Chain of Command being the obvious comparator. I have to confess to then getting side tracked having watched an excellent series of introductory videos on the game, explaining the mechanisms. If you have any interest in WW2 platoon level gaming and Chain of Command in particular, they are well worth watching and other companies should take note of what the Lardies have done here.

The videos have led me to buying Chain of Command tablet version (essentially a PDF with really useful hyperlinks) to peruse. Whilst on the Too Fat Lardies website I also spotted a secnario supplement for the game called Winter Storm.

Containing 22 scenarios it covering the attempts by 6 Panzer Division to advance  towards Stalingrad and relieve the trapped Sixth Army. At just seven quid I considered it to be a must have and added it to my order. I have only had a quick flick through but it looks great value for money regardless of whether you play Chain of Command, Bolt Action or some other WW2 game.

Of course I still haven't found out how flamethrowers work in Chain of Command and whether they can incinerate an entire section with one shot...

On an unrelated note there has been progress on Orctober today, with the poleaxe unit drybrushed with Tin Bitz and Oily Steel. I have also block painted sixty 20mm WW2 partisans ready for dipping and undercoated forty zombies. All in all, quite a productive day!


  1. Chris Stoesen has also done some Eastern Front scenarios for Chain of Command (though for Italian troops).

    You can download a free sample at!e-books/c4no

  2. 100 figured in one day?? Blimey Steve, that is production :-o

  3. Brilliant set of rules. They got me back into WWII gaming.

  4. BA does not stand 1 minute when compared to Chain of Command. CoC is pure distilled military history. I bought the rules when they were released 15 months ago and we have been playing only WWII at the club without rest and no signs of exhaustation yet. And no, flamethriwers cannot roast a full section in CoC

  5. So, the question of how they use/resolve flamethrowers and allow them into an army is what? Curious what the result of your question was.