Sunday, 5 October 2014

Never Volunteer!

I made a school boy error this afternoon, forgetting the old military maxim of "never volunteer" and rule one in the husband handbook, don't ask "is there anything I can do to help?" An afternoon of planned orc construction and football watching ended up applying hobby skills in cupcake making!

So this afternoon I applied skills learnt with Green Stuff in moulding sugar paste and that of using  Vallejo acrylics to painting with chocolate! Here are some of our efforts...


  1. Blimey.... Never volunteer for owt!

    Impressive cupcakes though.......

  2. Great stuff!! My 19-year daughter is screaming right now in my ear where she can buy or how to make them.
    Living in Spain, probably is easier of we try doing them

    1. If it helps(!) these cupcakes were copied from the current (Autumn 2014) issue of Cupcake Heaven (I can't believe I'm typing this!). SWMBO has an online subscription so she can access it on the PC, my iPad etc. More details here. Good magazine - of you like cupcakes!

  3. Delicious!!! Who said wargaming skills don't translate well to the real world??! ;)