Friday, 31 October 2014

Geheimkrieg: Nazi Zombie Horde

Having stuck the forty plastic Der Verdammten Nazi Zombies from Studio Miniatures together the other week, I managed to finish painting and basing them at lunchtime - quite appropriately for Hallowe'en!

I went for a very simple approach to painting, undercoating them all with a grey primer, picking out boots, leather and some insignia with back, painting the flesh some old GW Rotting Flesh, splashing on a bit of red paint for blood and applying Army Painter Strong Tone dip. Quite quick to do, I think the basing took longer!

Painting Target: 618/1000


  1. Quite the business - great job!

  2. Simply "Wow!!". That's a good 3-4 months worth of minis you've painted there at my speed; and that's if I ever had the willpower to paint so many of the same beastie. great stuff :-)

  3. Great stuff, they look excellent.

  4. An excellent horde. Geheimkrieg beckons again.