Thursday 9 October 2014

Orctober: Painting Orcs I

Back to Orctober today and I have started painting the first (smaller) Mantic Orc Axe Regiment. Whilst I don't normally do tutorials on the blog (mainly because I'm not that good a painter), as it was Orctober I thought I'd go through my rough and ready approach to painting Orcs over the next few days...

Stage One:

Undercoat models black (no I didn't take a photo!)

Stage Two:

Apply a heavy drybrush over all metal areas with GW's Tin Bitz (or whatever it is called now). Don't worry if you get it over the non-metal areas, we will go back to them later.

Stage Three:

After the Tin Bitz has dried, lightly drybrush a steel colour over the Tin Bitz (I used Vallejo Oily Steel). The key here is not to completely cover the Tin Bitz and to have bits showing through underneath. Again, neatness is not a worry at this stage.

The models now need to dry for at least 24 hours so we don't get any pigment bleed when we use some ink washes next, so more tomorrow...