Wednesday 22 October 2014

Battlefield Evolution: Partisans I

You may recall a few years back how Natasha Kaplinsky Led Me Astray... and I ended up buying Caesar Miniatures WWII Underground Resisters (Partisans) and WWII Partisans in Europe boxes of 20mm plastic figures for a Forest Jews project. I have now painted the first twenty.

The figures are really nice, albeit a bit of a hotch-potch of resistance types. Whilst painting them it did occur to me that whilst some are pretty generic, some are too specific to be anything other than Chetniks or Marquis etc. So when I finish all sixty I intend to separate out the obviously specific figures for the basis of a 20mm French/Yugoslav/Soviet unit to which I will add the more generic figures for specific games.

The generic figures will also be useful for forming the bulk of Polish Home Army and Volkssturm units, so there is a lot of useful interchange within the boxes. The only criticism is the lack of infantry support weapons such as anti-tank weapons and lmgs. However I think some of the spare WW2 Germans and Soviets I have my well cover this, painted appropriately, even if a few head swaps are required.

Painting the Partisans was very straightforward and quick. I sprayed half with a brown base coat and half light grey. I then base painted some colour variation on trousers, jackets etc with a limited palette of blue, green and dark grey, before picking out flesh, weapons and any knapsacks. I then painted them all with Army Painter Strong Tone dip and matt varnished.

I would have finished all sixty if I had not run out of Vallejo Beasty Brown for the bases, so hopefully that turns up today from Midlam Miniatures so the rest can be ready to fight the fascist occupier!

Painting Target: 537/1000


  1. Really like these. Generic backbone of a force with specific add-on's sounds useful. Any particular rules you prefer for resistance forces?

  2. Great work - a very characterful set of miniatures with the overly tones blending really well despite the variety of colours. I've always found it tricky to paint this aspect of civilians/irregulars, but you've achieved it really nicely here.

  3. Nice work, they are a nice addition to my marquis, Balkan and volksturm also. I swapped a number of weapons over from my spares box, panzerfausts, mg 34, steps and brens etc