Thursday 27 March 2014

Donnybrook: Scratch Building Woodland Indian Dwellings

Scratch built huts from Wargames Illustrated
I've been pondering scenery for the Tribal Native warband as I don't have any suitable buildings and with son and heir off to university potentially a lot less money as the year progresses. Much as I like the Grand Manner buildings I can't justify the cost for a small skirmish project so have been considering scratch building some.

Google hasn't turned up a lot as yet, but it did uncover a really useful article in the Wargames Illustrated archives on the Flames of War website here and it looks like it will provide a good excuse to eat lots of Easter eggs! I just need to find a UK alternative to Treewrap...

If I can, then the template for a paper Iroquois Longhouse here could also prove useful too...

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  1. I've never built any models with TreeWrap but would suggest that some heavy duty crepe paper might work. If you have access to an old fashioned plane, the sort for planing wood, not flying back and forth, you can produce your own bark by roughly planing a piece of pine. and using the shavings to build bark covered structures.

    Good luck,