Friday 1 November 2013

November is... Africa Month!

Painting the Legionnaires for Dahomey service has rekindled my enthusiasm for all things African so I am going to declare November to be Africa Month!

The primary mission will be to dig out some native types from the piles of Darkest Africa Foundry miniatures I have and paint some up to shoot the French, though I will probably order a few Dixon Dahomey figures for theatre specific flavour (come on, who doesn't want a unit of Amazons?)

Aside from that I want to build a few more jungle terrain pieces to go with bits I made last year.

And depending on time I do have some other African related stuff in Lead Mountain and Plastic Hill that could do with some TLC (who said Zulus?).


  1. Great stuff I plan a month of prepping and most of that will be Zulus
    Peace James

  2. A great idea!
    I really should finish my tribal villagers too.

  3. a good idea - that could motivate me to do some of the warlord games Zulus.