Thursday 7 November 2013

(Africa Month) Meanwhile, Somewhere To The North...

Painting has come to a grinding halt as I have run out of a whole host of things including certain paints, bases and super glue, however alongside the big box of Victorian goodness that arrived from West Wind yesterday was a smaller package from darkest Wales...

You may have seen Richard Baber's posts of his blog about his 28mm Rif War project including this one showing off some Spanish Legionnaires and Rif Berbers. Richard said he was going to sell off any spare miniatures and I availed myself of the opportunity having been fascinated with the conflict since I first learnt about it in the Airfix guide to the French Foreign Legion!

I now have about thirty figures in total and will be looking to restrict the project to nothing larger than a reinforced platoon level game. I am short of Berbers but hopefully the likes of Askari will fill the gaps.

Not sure when I will start painting these figures, if I can make some more quick progress with the Fon for Dahomey (Amazons ordered earlier this week from Dixon), they might well get bumped up the painting line as I plan to use a similar technique to that I used on the Dahomey figures.

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