Sunday 24 November 2013

No Show...

Realising last night that I hadn't been to one wargames show this year I decided to go to Reveille today to get my fix. However having dropped son and heir to archery and picked up SWMBO from the supermarket I decided not to, after all I would only end up spending money on things I didn't need and didn't fit in with any ongoing project...

So this afternoon I put the first bits of paint on the Amazons and had a Google surf at options for building terrain for Victorian games using the EOTD Kickstarter figures. I have been caught between the want to buy the lovely but expensive 4 Ground or Sarissa Gaslamp Alley MDF buildings and the less lovely but darn sight cheaper printable building option. At the latter end of things I did discover a really looking nice printable option to stick on foamcore from Grekwood Miniatures which is a great price and looks pretty good...

I also came across some interesting looking pre-painted 7mm (railway) scale card buildings from Purple Bob's Hobbies, which may be a tad large at 1/43rd, but may work with a little bit of work on doors. This Edwardian Toilet block could be useful and Purple Bob also does some useful looking sign sets to add period ambience!


  1. Really like the Grekwood option...although a bit laborious to put together perhaps?

  2. At least you avoided the chaos of the road being closed due to drainage work right next to the show entrance!